Tina Birkholm

Tina Birkholm


年齢: 74
誕生日: 12 3月


A Norwegian married to a Dane, having lived two-thirds of my life in Canada. Three grown sons and a daughter, plus four grandsons. Retired French teacher. Have studied Norwegian, English, German, French and Italian many years ago. Still love learning everything, traveling, studying the Bible and passing the Good News on to others, especially children. I have a Bible Club here in Canada and in Norway.

Collect seashells and antique buttons. Love everything in nature and grow lilies and irises in my garden. Enjoy people. Diagnosed with Waldenström's ( bone marrow cancer) on 2004. Miraculously healed this year😙😙😙!



  • 英語 (カナダ) | 母国語
  • ノルウェー語 (ブークモール) | 母国語
  • フランス語 (フランス共和国) | 上級