Melisa Kızılhisar

Melisa Kızılhisar


年齢: 22
誕生日: 5 4月


hi I'm melisa .I'm turkish . I live istanbul in turkey but now I'm living nicosia in cyprus (you can come to visit me :D).

I'm learning english now .because I want to make new friends.

if I learn English, then I can learn new cultures .

so let's talk to me and help me ⊙﹏⊙

ayy! I forgot japanese .when I've find anime .ı tried learning japanese ,so you can talking with me japanese but please use romaji.

and lastly I don't remember why wondering finnish.

I can teach you Turkish language if you want. ^.^ don't be shy :))

Bence türkçe de öğrenebilirsiniz çok zor bir dil değil :P

that's the my language story .what is your story ? I wonder ...




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